Admissions Process

Admission to MLS


MLS has a rolling admissions policy and accepts students throughout the school year.

The first step to admission at MLS is to collect an application packet from the school. If you are not currently in the Kingdom, please send an email to . This packet must be completed in full with all of the relevant documentation attached, including a medical evaluation by the child’s pediatrician. 

All new students in Grade 1 and above must provide official documentation of previous school experience, including transcripts, report cards and test scores. All documents provided must be in English.

Once the entire packet is returned to MLS complete, the assessment process can begin.


Assessment Process

In order for your child to be accepted at MLS:

  • Your application must be completed in full.
  • Your child’s birthday must fall within the cut-off dates for the requested grade they are applying to.
  • A successful outcome of the assessment. An assessment will only be scheduled provided there is a seat available.
  • Once accepted, a formal acceptance letter will be emailed to the parent.


Criteria For Admission

  • Students are tested in English as part of the admissions process, and must be proficient in the language in order to pass the test. They will also be tested on their math skills, as well as their overall social skills, emotion and physical development.
  • While our teachers try to cater to each child’s individual needs, MLS does not provide a Special Needs Program for students with significant learning needs.
  • Tuition must be paid on time.