Academic & Behavioral Support

MLS International Academic Support

Because MLS International values every child, we meet each student at his or her level to enable emotional and academic development in age appropriate ways .  Students who have above grade level abilities in any area are allowed to flourish within the curriculum.  We are also able to address the needs of our children by supplementing their learning experience with the following academic and behavioral support. 

After School Learning: 
Students have the opportunity throughout the week to stay from 2:50 - 3:50 PM to continue second or third language conversation skills in Arabic and/or French. 

is provided by the school’s teachers in the subjects of Literacy, Math and Arabic. 

is provided by our Counseling Department and has several components:

    • Guidance Curriculum
    • The Guidance Curriculum component provides a method by which every student receives school guidance curriculum content in a systemic way. 

    • Individual Service Plan
    • The Individual Service Plan (ISP) component provides all identified students an opportunity to work closely with their parents to plan, monitor, and understand their growth and development and to take action on their personal and educational next steps. 

    • Responsive Services
    • The Responsive Services component responds to the direct, immediate concerns of students and includes, but is not limited to, individual counseling, crisis counseling, referrals or consultations with parents, teachers or other specialists. 

    • System Support
    • The System Support component enables the school counseling process to be effective through: leadership and advocacy, consultation, collaboration, and teaming, program management and professional development. This component also provides appropriate support to other programs in the school. 

  • Outsourced Counseling
  • Through this support component, the Counseling Department liaises with professional agencies that can provide specific support beyond what is offered by the school.