MLS Admissions Welcome Message


We are delighted you are considering MLS International School for your family’s educational needs. We believe MLS is a special place. As a school located in Riyadh, we provide children a safe, secure environment while maintaining a commitment to the culture and customs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since its birth, MLS has upheld the highest standards for academic excellence, small by design, and rich in opportunities, MLS educates children from aged 18 months to Grade 10, providing a robust comprehensive curriculum enriched with outstanding experiences in languages, art, leadership, and character development. We are an international school by name and nature, with student and staff from Australia, Bahrain, China, Egypt, India, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and USA..

We seek families who are excited about our mission and philosophy. Children benefit most when school and home cooperate both in goals and in methods. While a true understanding of MLS can only be appreciated by visiting our school, this website offers a glimpse into our school and provides details about the admission process.

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