Facilities & Resources

MLS International School Facilities & Services

MLS International is a modern facility that enjoys natural sunlight by virtue of its design. This is an energizing feature for both faculty and children. We have an abundance of core resources and supplemental materials that allow us to deliver the curriculum in a full and rich way.

Our facilities have grown over the years to include a gym, cafeteria, a fully equipped Mac Lab, an art room, music room, prayer room (for students Grade 2 and above), large classrooms for Early Years and Elementary Programs, an Early Childhood Development room and administrative offices. 

We also host the following facilities:
Catering Kitchen
Healthy School lunches are prepared in our own school kitchen. Supervised by our health and wellness advisor meals are prepared according to the highest standards of nutrition, safety and hygiene and served fresh and warm every day without sacrificing on taste and variety.

School Library
MLS International’s library supports the growth of literacy from the Early Years Program to the Elementary Program guided by the Common Core Standards. Through reading alouds of a wide range of genres, from fantasy to biographies, the librarian supports mini lessons taught in the reading workshop to reinforce reading skills.The librarian and support staff also share resources with teachers and students to support readers from those who are decoding fictional texts to those who are shaping opinions and arguments about informational texts. Among the very special resources unique to MLS is a curation of 2,000 regionally relevant books. 

Athletic Field
The center of the school is an athletic field for soccer and outdoor gym classes. This outdoor space is one of the keys to MLS International’s success, as it allows a safe natural place for children to run, play, and explore.