MLS InternationalVision


Our vision at MLS is to become the leading elementary and middle school in the Kingdom, with a focus on fostering a stimulating environment tailored to meet the needs of every child’s mind, empowering them intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically and morally.


MLS InternationalMission


The main operating principle of MLS is the enjoyment of learning. It is our endeavor to encourage and develop this spirit within each student so he or she will be prepared to approach the tasks and problems of life with the same eagerness. We seek to stimulate intellectual curiosity and lay the groundwork on which a life of continuous learning can be built. We challenge students with academic standards, while encouraging creativity and upholding high moral and ethical standards. Our students are exposed to the complexities of their surrounding world and encouraged to discover, play and learn.


MLS International Objective


MLS is the first trilingual school in Riyadh to educate toddlers to elementary age students. Our aim is to contribute to the education of the Saudi and resident expatriate community through a well-rounded nurturing educational program, certified teachers and a flair for Arab culture integration. In short, our objective is to offer a western education while maintaining a strong connection with our Arab identity.