Nutrition & School Lunches

Nutrition & School Lunches

We all want the best for our children and appreciate that healthy eating is especially important for them as they grow up. Eating healthier food will give children loads more energy to do the things they love to do for longer, like playing games with friends. It’s also proven that healthy foods can help at school, as children are less likely to get tired easily and it can also improve concentration and mood. 

The MLS International School Lunch Menu:
MLS International caters to the nutritional wellness of its students through its school lunch menu that meets the UK’s School Meals Review Panel (SMRP) recommendations. Meals are prepared freshly, daily and served warmly based on the following guidelines:


More of these healthier items:

  • Fruit and Vegetables: These will include fresh, dried, frozen, canned and juiced varieties.
  • Drinking Water: Free, fresh drinking water will be provided at all times.
  • Other Drinks: The only drinks provided for lunch include plain water, skimmed milk, fruit juice and vegetable juice, plain soya, rice or oat drinks enriched with calcium, plain yoghurt drinks, or combinations of the above.
  • Whole Foods: Whole carbohydrates that include whole wheat or whole grain breads, pastas and rice. No added sugar cereals.
  • Muffins: Organic, homemade, whole wheat, unrefined sugar desserts

Restricted or no longer allowed:

  • No confectionery: Confectionery such as chocolate bars, biscuits, sweets and cereal bars will not be provided.
  • Salt: Salt is prohibited at tables.
  • Condiments: Such as ketchup and mayonnaise, will only be available in sachets.
  • Snacks: Snacks such as crisps will not be offered.
  • No cakes: Cakes and biscuits (home made) will not be provided (except at lunchtime).
  • Deep fried food: No deep fried foods, foods will always be baked.
  • Processed foods: No processed foods allowed