Our Staff



MLS International Administrative Team

The administrative team at MLS is lead by our director and founder Ms. Aida Adnan. The Principal, Vice Principal and Assistant Vice Principal are also important positions in leadership. Other administrators include:

  • HR Department,
  • Finance Department,
  • Purchasing and Resources Department,
  • Health and Safety Department.

MLS International Teaching Staff

Our teaching staff are highly qualified, professionally trained, and certified. They are recruited both internationally and locally. These teachers engage in professional development activities throughout the year and attend summer institutes to support the programs at MLS including Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop Summer Institute at Columbia University, High Scope and Conscious Discipline training both online and in the US.

MLS International Support Staff

Our support staff plays a vital role in the classrooms. The Educational Support works one-on-one with students to support the concepts taught in guided groups while the Classroom Support helps the teacher with maintaining classroom organization.

MLS International Health Department

As a school dedicated to your child’s all round well being, our very own Health and Wellness Advisor constructs and carries out the Health Curriculum that covers a range of important and up to date subjects that include Nutrition 101, Hygiene, Exercise, Illness, Safety, the Environment and more. As an extension to your child’s learning we also offer The School Lunch Program. This innovative and very unique addition to MLS is dedicated to feeding your child according to nutritional standards for school age children, whilst concentrating on quality and taste.

MLS International Counseling Department

Our Counseling department, composed of an Instructional and Behavioral Services Counselor, Child Psychiatrist, Mental Health Specialist and a Guidance Counselor, is designed to ensure that every student receives the full benefit of the school’s programs: the resolution, anti-violence, bullying, and acceptance of diversity programs.