Parent Teacher Partnership

The MLS Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP) 

Why the MLS PTP exists: 

We envision a PTP where parents and teacher are partners in the growth of the school and the experiences it provides. Together, they aim for excellence and beyond with the very best interests of our children at heart.

How we operate: 

In achieving our vision, we aim to conduct our affairs in line with specific values that reflect our mission to:


  • Be Positive: Always see the silver lining, try to optimize rather than compromise, bring your positive energy.
  • Collaborate: 2 heads are better than 1, it takes 2 hands to clap. We are a T.E.A.M. (Together Each Achieves More)
  • Respect: The environment, nature, animals, our society, the global community. We are all connected.
  • Appreciate: Remember to thank well-intentioned efforts, value contributions, and celebrate donations (be it time, effort, funds, or otherwise)
  • Be transparent: We are all working for the overall growth of the school. Uphold the highest levels of moral and ethical standards. Tie efforts to tangibles and be proud to share them with the school community.

What we do: 

What we do can be summarized as: Parent involvement for school involvement
PTP Parents are involved through:


  • Being a parent representative on the MLS Communications, IT, and Health and Safety Committees
  • Events that give back to the local, regional, or international community
  • Donations and gifts of time