The Holistic Approach

The Holistic Approach

MLS  International applies a holistic approach to student education.  Parents will happily tell you that their children typically wake up in the morning eager to come to school, confident in their abilities and excited to learn.  Students start their day individually greeted at the gate by friendly teachers and staff.  After a brief play period while everyone arrives, the children are excited to gather in the gym for assembly which sets the pace and tone for the rest of their day. 

The purpose-built design of the campus allows children to freely move around the school and to safely enjoy the benefits of a sunlit outdoor playground. Only healthy snacks from home are permitted and a warm, well-balanced lunch is served fresh daily.  As such, we pay special care to the child as a whole and focused attention is given to the various facets of student development: academic, emotional, social, physical, and nutritional. 

    • Academic:
      We appreciate that learning does not happen when children are simply told what to think. Children must be taught how to think.  They must see and do things for themselves, with parents and teachers present to encourage and challenge their thinking. Children must also be secure and confident in what they already know before they are ready to move to the next level.  As such our holistic approach to learning is a process of "developmental change" — a process in which we learn by relating and adding new information to what we already know, and if necessary, changing the way we think.


    • Emotional & Social: 
      Conscious Discipline is a school-wide program that integrates classroom management with social-emotional learning, uses everyday events as part of a school's curriculum, and addresses the adult as well as the child.  Created by Dr. Becky Bailey, an internationally renowned expert in child developmental psychology, Conscious Discipline is built on the premise of developing discipline within children rather than applying discipline to them. It has also been proven to reduce aggression by 64% while increasing reading scores by 18%; in fact, in the US, Conscious Discipline classrooms score significantly higher in statewide reading comprehension, writing, and math tests.


  • Physical and Nutritional:
    The Health Team along with all the teachers work together during Health Class, snack and lunch times, and in the cafeteria with the Kitchen Staff.  Our 'healthy message' encourages students to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.   As such, health expands beyond nutrition and students are educated on topics such as good hygiene, illness prevention, and how to make and maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. Students also understand the importance of exercise, sports and Physical Education and put this understanding to practice in various parts of their day.