A Warm Welcome from Our Director, Aida Adnan



As a mother of five and a family member of educators, my journey has been dedicated to establishing student-centered schools. Guided by my own experiences and a deep understanding of education's impact, I've committed myself to nurturing the potential of young minds at every stage of their educational journey. Education, to me, is the cornerstone of a better future. This profound belief gave birth to MLS International—a passionate endeavor brought to life by a team of dedicated professionals who share my unwavering commitment to academic excellence intertwined with character development.


Established in 2005, MLS International began as a nurturing haven for early years education and has grown organically. Today, our reach spans from the foundational early years program to a robust Middle School and High School offering. It's with great excitement that we anticipate our first graduating class of seniors embarking on their university journey in 2026. This momentous milestone reflects the fulfillment of our commitment to holistic education.


At MLS International, we endeavor to empower every student who walks through our doors. Our mission, "Empowering thoughtful and independent visionaries to create a better world," resonates deeply with my journey. As a mother and an educator, I have witnessed the transformative potential of nurturing young visionaries who can think critically, act compassionately, and innovate for a brighter future. This resonates with our guiding principle, "Makers of the Future: Compassion Inspired Innovators." Compassion is the cornerstone of true innovation—a principle I hold close as we pave the path for our students to become compassionate creators of change.


Our educational journey, founded upon the principle of holistic development, is aptly captured in our vision: "Makers of the Future: Compassion Inspired Innovators." It aligns seamlessly with my commitment to fostering an environment that imparts knowledge and nurtures empathy, creativity, and the courage to shape a better world. MLS International embodies this philosophy through comprehensive programs catering to every aspect of a student's growth.


Our holistic approach to education and character development harmonizes beautifully with the vision and mission that drive MLS International. This commitment extends from our multilingual curriculum, including Arabic, English, French, and Mandarin, to our emphasis on emotional intelligence and integrated technology. We are dedicated to creating an environment that fosters a love for learning, empowers individuality, and celebrates the Arab identity through a robust Arabic program.


With immense joy, I welcome you to our nurturing community at MLS International. In this place, every child's potential is cultivated, their dreams are nurtured, and their journey is enriched with a holistic education designed to prepare them to be compassionate, inspired innovators and makers of the future.


Warm regards,

Aida Adnan


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MLS Staff
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