Academic Year 2024/2025 

MLS Tuition Fee Details For Saudi Students

 MLS Tuition Fee Details For International Students


Financial Information 

15% VAT is applicable for International Students on all payments** 

Assessment Fee :

Assessment tests are for new students registering at MLS.

Toddlers and Pre-K: SAR 1,500 

KG1 and above: SAR 3,500


Administration Fee 

Toddlers through KG1: Annual Administration Fee of SAR 2,000 

KG2 and above: Administration Fee of SAR 5,000 applies to all new students, as well as students passing up from KG1 to KG2 

The Administration and Assessment fees are non-refundable

Annual Tuition 

There are two options regarding payment of the annual tuition: 

1. Complete tuition payment upon enrollment 
2. Three installments for payment.  Please see the chart above

Sibling Discount

MLS Offers a 2.5% discount on the annual tuition fee to parents with 2 or more children enrolled in MLS. Parents are eligible to receive this discount for the 2nd child onwards when the annual tuition fee is paid in full for all children and by the due date of the 1st installment payment specified in the tuition fee schedule for the academic year. No discount on the basis of monthly prorating or any other special discount is applicable to student tuition fees.

Extended Care    

Parents of students registered in Toddlers through KG1 may choose to extend their school day to 2:35 pm for an additional fee.

International Students: SAR 23,000  (inclusive 15% VAT) per year paid in two installments

Saudi Students:  SAR 20,000 per year paid in two installments


School Lunch 

Students enrolled in KG2 and above and students enrolled in extended care may have the option of eating school lunch.  This fee is SAR 5,500 for the entire year. (15% VAT is added for school lunch) 


Curricular Resources - Digital Apps/Textbooks 

Parents of students in Grade 6 and above are required to pay for international resources which will be purchased and provided by MLS. 

Grade 6: SR 1,500             Grades 7 and above: SR 2,000


1st installment is refundable according to the following schedule:

In the event your child is unable to join MLS in September or you intend to withdraw in the middle of the year, you MUST inform the school in writing via email. 

Notification of withdrawal from MLS by March 26, 2024:                  100% refund
Notification of withdrawal form MLS by April 9, 2024:                         50% refund
Notification of withdrawal from MLS AFTER April 9, 2024:                    0% refund
2nd and 3rd installments are non-refundable
Tuition fee paid for one academic year/semester will not be deferred to the next academic year/semester or transferred to another sibling or student.
Payment details and schedule for international students

  • If your acceptance is issued after 12th March, 1st Installment payment is due within 7 days of the receipt of the invoice to confirm placement.

** If your acceptance is issued after 1st August, both 1st and 2nd installment payments are due within 7 days of the receipt of invoice, and if the academic year has already begun it is compulsory to pay these installments in full prior to starting school.

Payment can be made in any of the following ways:

1.   Online Transfer Information

Bank Name                     SABB

Account name               Makers Learning School

Account number           011332202001           

IBAN                                  SA9645000000011332202001 

If you pay by bank transfer you MUST send a copy of the online transfer page to [email protected]  and clearly identify the student's name and grade in the email.

2.  Checks made out to Makers Learning School International

 3. Cash/span: at the MLS Finance Office.  Office working hours are from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm.


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