At Makers Learning School International (MLS), we believe in nurturing the extraordinary potential of every learner, empowering them to become the architects of a future built on compassion and innovation. From the very moment they join our MLS community, our learners embark on a transformative journey, fostering the wisdom, confidence, character, and compassion essential to shape a brighter tomorrow.

Our dedicated team of educators is committed to igniting a lifelong passion for learning by crafting an intellectually stimulating curriculum that fuels exploration, creativity, and forward-thinking. Engaged in hands-on, interactive learning experiences, our learners evolve into independent thought leaders, adept problem solvers, and collaborative visionaries.

At MLS, we cultivate an environment that encourages continuous self-discovery, enabling our learners to identify and pursue their true passions. We encourage them to broaden their horizons and embrace boundless possibilities, because at MLS, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

MLS Staff





MLS Staff

Our learners are fearless, resilient innovators who embrace challenges both within and beyond the classroom. This fearless pursuit of growth is possible because every learner is genuinely seen, supported, and cherished by our tight-knit community.

By recognizing and nurturing each learner's unique talents and strengths, we empower them to use their gifts as catalysts for positive change and justice in the world. Our MLS graduates are confident, compassionate advocates who are unafraid to use their voices for themselves and others. When you combine analytical brilliance with a compassionate heart, you have the power to set the world ablaze.

Grounded in our values, MLS provides an environment that upholds the principles of compassion, integrity, and innovation. Our learners are ethical leaders and principled decision-makers who embody integrity in all their actions. They prioritize unity over individualism, fostering a sense of community where learners continue to support and inspire one another long after their MLS journey concludes.

  • Learners ignite curiosity

  • Learners inspire innovation

  • Learners nurture character

  • Learners fuel the future

  • Learners change the world


At MLS, we are committed to nurturing compassionate, innovative leaders who will shape a world filled with endless possibilities, one that is defined by empathy, creativity, and progress.

Welcome to a school where the future is crafted by the hands of Makers.




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